What's the personal in personal training at Chris' Gym?

Aug 31, 2017

What’s the personal in personal training at Chris’ Gym?

Each trainer is taken on board through merit, not just qualification. They go through an extensive interview process which includes 2 interviews, a trial and some additional hoops outside of that where we really try to dive in to their psyche and find out what makes them tick! Here we are looking for more than a trainer that knows the difference between frontal, sagittal and transverse planes of movement and has more than burpees and deadlifts in their exercise library.

Personal training, to us is just that. If you walk through the door with a goal in mind, your trainer will tailor a program specifically for you. Nothing that is scripted and used for everyone, not what the trainer did with their last 3 clients. But something for you. And how that trainer trains you, will be entirely up to how you feel and what you respond to. All our trainers know the importance of creating a connection with their clients. About building a relationship with them. That’s how you get the best out of people. When there is a mutual respect and understanding there and both parties want the same outcome, that’s when the magic happens. When you respect your trainer because they listen to you and what you want and what you don’t want. You will feel empowered and be more consistent and train harder. In turn getting better results.

Our trainers aren’t drill sergeants but we are not soft too. What type of personal trainers are we? The type that you need us to be!

We will remember that important event that was happening for you this week and your dog’s birthday (if that is what is important to you) we will sit down and chat to you outside of your session if you are going through something difficult. We will check in throughout the week with you to see how you week is going, if we think that that is what you need from us and because we do care.

If you come in one day stressed out and need a release, we will quickly change your program to incorporate some stress releasing exercises (boxing maybe) for you. Or if you are having a bad day and need to get out of the gym. We can walk you around the block, let you clear your head and gather your thoughts and then start your session. We understand the role that we play in your life. We are here to make life more manageable, to listen, to lighten the load and to keep you on track.

Each session, is based on your wants and needs. There is no point in planning a session that we know you are going to hate. You pay for these sessions, what’s the point in making you dislike them? If you hate repetition and need variety, that is what you will get. If you want to be gasping for air at the end of each session, that is what you will get (and if you really do not want that, you won’t get it.) It’s an agreement between you and your trainer and each trainer has the integrity and the emotional intelligence to gauge how far to push a client or what is best for that client right there and then in that session. That’s the personal touch that you get here at Chris’s Gym.

We’re affordable and can relate to you. We want to make a difference and support you and we are really really fun! Come and give us a try. 

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