What is Myotherapy

May 27, 2016

What is Myotherapy?

We asked Joel Olsen from My-Myo in Hawthorn East who treats a number of our members and trainers to explain it for us.

RH: So, in basic terms what is Myotherapy?

JO: Myotherapy as a comprehensive and integrated approach in assessing and treating myofascial pain, injury and dysfunction. The pain is often described as a ‘deep ache’, ‘tightness’ and sometimes ‘tenderness’ in the body. This can vary in intensity and many times radiate into other areas of the body. Other symptoms can also include reduced range of motion in our muscles and joints, stiffness, fatigue, numbness or even a tingling sensation. 

RH: Ok, so why should we go and see a Myotherapist and how does it differ from Physiotherapy and Osteopathy?’

JO: firstly, it is important to understand that Myotherapists are highly respected by Physio’s & Osteo’s and in fact, they often refer their patients to us as a combined treatment plan… after all, we are all working towards a better health and wellbeing outcome for our patients. 

Osteopaths adopt gentle and effective treatment techniques aimed at addressing any bio-mechanical dysfunction, including stretching, joint mobilisation and sometimes manipulation. 

Physiotherapists on the other hand, focus on mobility and joint function, adopting similar treatment modalities as Osteopaths but may also incorporate electrical therapy such as TENS and Ultrasound when appropriate.’

And as for why, there are multiple reasons that you could benefit from a visit to My-Myo. The most common issues are: -

  • Sporting & occupational injuries
  • Stiff/painful neck and shoulders
  • Conditions affecting function & mobility
  • Headaches & migraines
  • Acute and chronic back pain
  • Rotator cuff shoulder complaints
  • Stress/ Anxiety


RH: How will Myotherapy treatment help me in everyday life?

JO: We use a combination of tactile, anatomical and clinical skills to identify any abnormalities in the muscle and fascia tissues. The prognosis in conjunction with our consultation allows customised treatments that take into account your overall health and lifestyle. To move without muscular restriction enables us to perform our daily tasks with greater ease and could also improve our concentration and stress levels. Just imagine, by taking a more proactive approach your treatment will support the activities you love with less chance of injury or daily niggles…

RH: how can Myotherapy help our performance in the gym…

JO: Myotherapy treatment can be used at any stage throughout your training cycle.  It will enhance your recovery after your gym sessions giving you better blood flow through your muscles allowing optimal tissue integrity and improved joint movement…your body will work better through all planes of motion. 

The three most common types of treatments to use throughout the year will be.

1.     Maintenance

2.     Pre Event

3.     Post Event

RH: How did you get in to Myotherapy?

JO: There were many influences that went into making my decision.  Through my schooling I took on my passion for sports with such enthusiasm and competiveness which often left me with some challenging injuries. This of course allowed me to experience firsthand the practitioners and specialists who offered so much advice and different therapies and in healing the changes brought about in the body. During Senior School I attended a short course in Myotherapy and just loved it… welding Myotherapy with my great interest in helping people… I have never looked back!!

RH: And, what makes you tick, interests, sports played etc…

JO: having a huge passion and love for what I do as a Myotherapist, I have seen just how much we can make a difference in people’s lives. My-Myo began 3 years ago, nestled in a state of the art clinic at TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine, on Riversdale Road, 3 minutes from Chris’s Gym) offering our patients the most tranquil and nurturing environment for treatment. The combination of the mind and body working in harmony with a well-tuned up body really comes to life in the way we treat.

 I am a great lover of the ocean and a very keen surfer spending most weekends engulfed in the magic and excitement of mother nature’s surf. It gives me a complete place of happiness- it’s my energy recharger for the week ahead. This of course is shared with my gorgeous wife in our vintage caravan…Great Fun!!!! 

 I also love training in a gym environment for strengthening and moving my body in an enhanced functional way enabling me to be more grounded and working best throughout my daily activities. This year I have been exploring the simple art of stretching- it is amazing how it makes you feel mentally and physically and let me tell you it’s been the best thing I have added into my daily routine I can’t encourage you enough to try it, even starting with 5 minutes a day…. Go on try it!!!

Please email us, info(at)my-myo.com.au for a free stretching program or speak with your trainer’

We highly recommend a visit to My-Myo. We believe that if people were more in tune with their bodies, even doing stretches every day like Joel mentions, more people would reduce their risk of injury and lead a much more healthier, happier life.

For more information on My-Myo please visit their website at http://my-myo.com.au/ or talk to your trainer about it. 

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