Posture Part 2

Aug 20, 2014

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Before I get going here I highly recommend that you first go back and have a read over ‘Posture Part 1’ were I discuss the type of posture that is very common in a society were we sit a lot more and move heck of a lot less than we used to. Nowadays more and more people are presenting with the rounded upper back and slouched shoulders look which goes hand in hand with the problematic forward head posture. I have also found that people are unaware of just how tight they are in the hips and are shocked when they discover how much hip range of motion they are missing when I first assess them. If you are missing huge chunks of ranges of motion in your hips then sooner or later you will more than likely run into ankle, knee or low back problems. Putting in simply, if your hips don’t move well then your low back/ lumbar spine will have to move more which is the very last thing this region of the body wants. The low back region craves stability NOT mobility. I know that I am repeating myself here from ‘Posture Part 1’ but I believe that it is a very important point to hammer home and can shed light on some things that maybe you can do without in your training program and that might be doing more harm than good.

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