Why I Do My Job - Rebecca

Sep 15, 2014

I have been a personal trainer for two years. I trained to become one after volunteering at a children’s helpline back in the UK. The training and the role itself taught me that I was good at listening to people and that I had a real passion for helping people (that and the 4 months that I spent in Tanzania working with orphaned and vulnerable children.) I love the interaction with a variety of people on a daily basis, helping people reach their goals and overcome challenges.

                It gives me a great sense of satisfaction to watch people improve and grow as people and I love the fact that people walk through the door to see me. There is a great quote from Will Smith – ‘if you are not improving someone’s life then you are wasting your time’ this is exactly my philosophy when it comes to life and my job.

                I have always enjoyed playing sport, being active and keeping fit. But when I thought of going in to a profession that allowed me to work with people on a one to one basis and really connect with people, I initially thought about retraining as a counsellor and in the long run doing another degree in psychology. But then I thought that I could use my first degree in sports studies and train to be a personal trainer. I already had a solid grounding for this and keeping fit is something I live by so it all made sense really. I am still considering another degree in psychology for later as I won’t be doing personal training forever and it is something that really does interest me. Understanding how people’s brains work and what motivates them – I think it makes you a good personal trainer as well if you can tap in to that kind of stuff. However I trained as a personal trainer using the skill set I was already qualified in, to best help people to start off with. To help people to overcome obstacles in their life through exercise – as exercise is a great medicine for many people with many things – like self-confidence, anxiety, fighting disease, improving mood, making bones stronger and healthier and increasing energy levels. People come to us from many different walks of life and with different preconceptions of exercise. It is my job to help them realise their potential and achieve things that they never thought possible and be there for them every step of the way. I literally look after their safety while in the gym and their wellbeing is always my concern even after they have left the gym. I am there to make sure they get the most out of their time in the gym and be a constant reminder of why they are there in the gym.

                For me, personal training is about making a connection with people, opening their eyes to exercise and their potential. Teaching people and encouraging them – it’s in my nature. I love to give back to people. I love my job for this reason and to watch people succeed and improve.

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