Goals - Where Are You With Yours?

Sep 05, 2014

Back in January we wrote about the importance of goal setting and the parameters of setting sensible, achievable goals and ones that you could stick to.

              It is now September and how many of you have achieved your goals or are successfully working towards the same goal still? Or have you completely forgotten about what you set for yourself at the beginning of the year?

              If you have achieved what you set out to do – then good for you! If you are still tirelessly working towards something – we take our hats off to you too. But if you are not working towards your goal anymore or have forgotten about it – why is that? I know January seems like a long time ago but you made those goals for a reason. Try and find what it was or remember why you wrote it in the first place. You will be surprised emotion this provokes. Reflection is a powerful tool and with the changing of the season, coming out of the depths of winter. Maybe it is time to get back on track and achieve that goal – or at least start to work towards it again. Whether it be writing that novel or learning a new skill. It is never too late to try or start again.

              Remember the principles of goal setting and also remember that your goal does not have to be completed by the end of the year. We never said it was a resolution for 2014. Just a goal that started at the beginning of the year. Well now it is over half way through the year – and it is still a great time to try and achieve something. A goal is just something that you can work towards to give you direction, or to make your life better or easier.

              My goal at the beginning of the year was to run the Puffing Billy race in May. I trained for it and although I had a little set back with a lower back injury in March I still managed to get to the starting line and actually run the race well. Not a great time by some people’s standards but I felt fully prepared for it and did not struggle up the hills during the race – something that I was conscious of doing. And from this goal and because I enjoyed the run so much (something that I didn’t expect!) that I have now signed up for a half marathon in October! I like the discipline that I have to have for myself – the fact that I have to run every week in order to prepare for the marathon and that I have to keep pushing myself a further distance. My long term goal isn’t to run a whole marathon but to be able to run 10 to 12 comfortably each week as part of my exercise routine.

              We would love to hear your thoughts of how far you have got with your goals or where you think that your barriers are. What has your journey been like and has it inspired you to make more additional goals? So please get in touch with us. And remember, we are always here to help!

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