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Jan 09, 2014

So it's that time of year again where New Year's Resolutions are made. How many of you still make New Year's Resolutions and more importantly, how many of you will keep these resolutions that you made this year? And what makes a good resolution, one that you actually stick to? And why do we feel the need to make New Year's Resolutions? New year, new goals I am assuming?

For me, New Year's Resolutions are something that are talked about and never really thought of again – and I have found that this is true with a lot of people that I know. Sometimes, people feel like they 'have' to make some New Year's Resolutions but what is wrong with doing this year how you did last year? Is a change needed? And if it is needed does it have to be a New Year's Resolution or something a bit bigger and more definite than a New Year's Resolution? What about if it wasn't a resolution and more of a goal to be achieved within the year? Something not so definitive and absolute from the beginning, more so something that can be worked towards and measured. Something to be achieved and not avoided.

In setting goals and not making resolutions, you set yourself up (I believe) to stick to these goal parameters. However setting goals should also be a structured thing. So instead of just writing down or worse still, even just verbally making a resolution, why not try setting a goal? This goal does not have to be at the start of the year, it can be anytime. Anytime is a good time to give yourself a new goal. But when you do, there are a few things to remember that can help you.

At Chris' Gym we are dedicated to helping people achieve their goals but we know that creating goals is not just about saying that you want to do something. There is a formula to writing goals that we go by, here at Chris' Gym – it has to be SMART. Goals have to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely. If someone said to me that they wanted to get fitter and lose weight, I would have to break that goal down further and make it SMART (er) to be successful. Effectively we need to know how much weight it is that they want to lose and how fit they want to be. And in order to calculate this, we need to find out more information. It would start with learning more about the person's lifestyle, starting fitness level and starting weight. In order to create a goal we would discuss, current exercise habits and how often they can get in to the gym, their job, their diet and requirements how much weight they would like to lose and then how fit (and what they perceive as fit) they want to be. Getting the specifics of the goal and making sure that what the person is currently doing means that the goal is also achievable and realistic and gives us a timeframe to put this particular goal to. Taking measurements and assessments also gives us something to measure along the way. So, a person who can get to the gym 4 times a week and modify their diet accordingly, who is a little overweight can aim to lose 5KG and be able to run (at their own pace) 5KM in 3 months. That is a goal with specific parameters, measurable, achievable, realistic and has a timeframe attached to it.

SMART can be applied to any type of goal, not just fitness goals but here at Chris' Gym it's a mechanism that we use. So if your New Year's Resolution involves getting in to shape or even if you want help setting a goal and achieving it, then we are here at Chris's Gym to help you make it happen, to keep you motivated and on track. Or even if you want to keep your resolutions to yourself – maybe (and I think so) the SMART goal setting mechanism can help you too. But no none of this has to be at the start of the year, it can be anytime, as I have already said. I just thought I would write about it now while everyone is thinking of New Year's Resolutions. Happy goal setting – we would love to hear them!

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