Does you Gym Lie to You

Jan 31, 2014

I came across an interesting article last week regarding gyms. It was written about gyms in America, however, but I still found it very interesting and a little disturbing as to the perception of gyms and how we are just money making machines. The article gave you 10 things that gyms (based on America) will not tell you when you sign up.

The first point was the worst; a gym may not be prepared if you have a heart attack. I was completely shocked. The article stated that most gyms are not legally required to have an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) a device that diagnoses whether someone is having a heart attack and tries to regulate the heart beat if this is the case. Ok – so that might be the case, however that may not make a gym unprepared for if someone has a heart attack. That is a pretty huge statement. Most gyms have their staff trained, at a minimum they will have basic first aid and CPR and have a defibrillator on site. The second point stated that they take no responsibility if your belongings go missing – it went on to say that they have signs up around the gym reliving them of any responsibility if your locker is broken in to. Those signs don’t just appear in gyms. They are put up in pubs and many other places too. Would that fact deter you from going to the pub? If your answer is no, then why should it deter you from going to gym? The third point suggested that not all trainers in the gym are qualified legitimately. Because the industry is not a regulated industry, trainers are not required to be certified and that some certificates that trainers have are through their own gym and are totally bogus. I hope that any gym that takes a person’s safety and goals seriously vet their trainers vigorously before employing them. It doesn’t benefit a gym to have bogus trainers, if the trainer isn’t qualified –they won’t be able to get the client to reach their goals, they won’t able to offer as much expert advice and that in the end, loses the gym money as client stops coming back.

Germs are the topic of the fourth point. Germs are everywhere in the gym and gyms are never cleaned! Germs are everywhere in general! And who is to say that gyms aren’t cleaned. I am sure that most gyms employ a perfectly good cleaner weekly and that the gym staff clean in their down time. But if we were worried out germs all the time – we really wouldn’t do anything. The best thing to do is wash your hands after using equipment. Everything will be ok.

And apparently gyms will tell you anything to get you to sign up; point number five. If you walk in to a gym where they have sales representatives, then you may get a little bit of a spiel but even then if you use your common sense, you can see through the jargon. And if you don’t go in to a gym that has a sales representative then you may just find a down to earth trainer that will give you the facts as they are and invest in your goals and not promise you the world but spell out the hard work and dedication that is needed. And a good gym, with good staff will also tell you that they will be there with you every step of the way.

 But then once you have been sold a chocolate teapot; point six – it will be really hard to get out of your gym membership. Gyms will not let you go easily. How many people can cancel a direct debit with their bank pretty easily? I know I can – it is easily done, gym membership stopped/cancelled. It’s not that hard. It’s just that some people never get around to cancelling it as the gym usually asks for your request to cancel in writing and people don’t get around to doing this.

My last point brings me to the next point; point seven is that most people never use their membership. I am not sure why a gym should be talking to you about other people and their gym routines. When you sign up – it should all be about you. And why would a gym need to tell you that. You probably already know! Sticking to a gym routine is hard for a lot of people. It’s not always the gym’s fault.

Point eight – is that gyms can waive the registration/joining fee. Believe it or not, there is a fair amount of administration and planning that goes in to setting up a new client. A program has to be written based on the client’s fitness levels, ability and goals. This isn’t a 5 minute task, it requires careful consideration and nobody should be expected to put in all of this work for free. Which bring me to the penultimate point. That the ‘orientation’ is just a ploy to get you to sign up with one of the trainers. Actually, it is to get you motivated and give you a plan as to what to do in the gym while you are here (this helps us retain you as a customer) it keeps you safe and allows you to have a more enjoyable experience in the gym. Which most gyms want you to do.

The final point in this article alluded to the fact that gyms do not inform you that you can get hurt. And that this was due to inexperienced instructors taking classes or from faulty equipment. As I have mentioned previously most gyms care about your safety and welfare – at the induction (also previously mentioned) we discuss any past injuries or ailments that a person has and we devise a plan on how best to avoid any more injuries. Most people will know that exercising comes with a risk however any gym that cares about their client – will always look out for them and help them to perform all exercises correctly.

I was pretty shocked by this article, it gives gyms a very bad reputation and the fitness industry is one that people should be embracing, not one people should be scared of. Anyone who has any experience within the fitness industry and who cares about their client’s knows that making a lot of money isn’t a top priority. It’s about investing in other people and helping them to achieve exactly what they walked in the door for.

I read this article on the Livestrong website. Meldone. L ’10 Things Your Gym Won’t Tell You’ (2014, January 08) Retrieved from

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