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Dec 18, 2013


Welcome to the first blog post from Chris’ Gym! Posts will be put up sporadically but fairly frequently so make sure that you check in at least once a week! To kick us off, I thought it would be a good idea to discuss the importance of something that should happen at that the start of every day (symbolism, got to love it!) so, to start off with, we are going to talk about breakfast and why I think that it is so important. The most important meal of the day in in fact.

Many people say that you should listen to your own body and learn from it. I learn from mine and I know that having breakfast sets me up correctly to start my day. Essentially, you are breaking the fasting that you are doing while you are asleep. Breakfast to me signifies waking up your metabolism and kick starting your day in a positive way. I find that if you eat breakfast within 1-1.5 hours of waking you feel satisfied and full for the next 3-4 hours and that it decreases the amount of food that you want to eat at lunch time. I believe in meals little and often to keep your metabolism working throughout the day. If you woke up and didn’t eat anything until noon – that creates a huge deficit for your body when it comes to nutrients and available energy. Therefore it is suggested that people that do this would over eat at lunch. And if you are skipping breakfast to lose weight then this can be detrimental. Eating soon after you wake up can possibly help with concentration through the morning and stop you reaching for high sugary or fatty foods midmorning as you are satisfied from your breakfast meal. Now, I know all of this positive talk about breakfast also depends on what you eat for breakfast and we will come to that a little later on. But for now, I would like to stress my opinion/point a little more. I have already mentioned that breakfast is like breaking the fast from when you are asleep, therefore your body has not had any nutrients for (depending on how long you sleep) around 6,7,8 hours. If that fasting continues then your body then starts to go in to starvation mode and actually stores energy and in turn any fat stores. If you start the day with breakfast you set yourself up in a positive way from the beginning of the day – it might actually put you in a better mood as you have fuelled your body and are ready for the rest of the day – go on try it, see what happens!

As mentioned earlier, starting off on the right foot when it comes to eating breakfast all depends on what foods you eat. You may skip breakfast at the moment because you think that breakfast makes you feel heavy and sluggish at the beginning of the day. Breakfast doesn’t have to be huge or a bacon sandwich, if you really feel like you cannot stomach anything too big in the morning, why not start off with an apple or some berries and maybe add some yogurt if you do get in to the habit of eating first thing in the morning. Another great breakfast meal is a fruit smoothie (now this depends on how time poor you are as I am fully aware that a lot of people do not eat breakfast purely for this reason) but if you do have time – a fruit smoothie is a great way to kick start your day! If you are time poor, how about putting some yogurt and berries together the night before (and even add in some nuts and seeds too) and leave it in the fridge to set over night, you will be amazed at how tasty it is having been in the fridge all night!

So come on, why not give breakfast a go. It really is a great way to wake up your metabolism and your mind and start your day off on a positive footing. We would love to hear your breakfast suggestions or the barriers that you face with breakfast. Please leave a comment or come and talk to us personally in the gym. Until next time….

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